The Spyders is a new chapter book series featuring three young spiders and their adventures. Taking after their parents, Harold and Martha, who are both spies, Curt, Gracey, and Thaddeus a drawn to danger and misadventure. They are frequently called upon to use their spider skills and the spying skills they learned from their parents to get out of sticky situations and make it home before dinner.

All the moms wanted was the perfect Christmas!

It’s winter and the holiday season is in full swing. Thaddeus Spyder is writing a long letter to his friend, Alvin, the garter snake, who is hibernating with his family over the winter. Thaddeus details all of their activities, including encounters with snow, flaming clothing, fruit fly chip cookies, maple bug syrup, a great battle, a Christmas truce, and a holiday miracle nobody saw coming.

The Christmas Spyder

Book 2 in The Spyders series sees Curt, Gracey, and Thaddeus Spyder joining their parents as spies for a day

Filled with more adorable illustrations and interesting facts about spiders, Take Your Kids to Work is the second chapter book in this series for kids who like adventure and the creatures in their garden!

It’s Take Your Kids To Work Day at school, but Harold and Martha Spyder are spies. They can’t take their three kids to work with them – it’s too dangerous! That would be bad parenting! But maybe this year they could make an exception and take Gracey, Curt, and Thaddeus on a spy mission for the day. After all, what could possibly go wrong?

Book Two
Take Your Kids to Work

The first adventure for the Spyder kids and they help a new, and unlikely friend.

In the first book, Slither Me Timbers, the Spyder kids make a new and unlikely friend, Alvin the Garter Snake, and must outwit Cuddles, the dreaded enemy of all creatures in the garden. In order to get home, they also need to rely on the brain power of Alvin’s mom, Dr. Susanna Adderly, and her keen understanding of mathematics and physics. Pre-order your signed copy of The Spyders: Slither Me Timbers here!

Book One
Slither Me Timbers

Introducing the Spyders!


He’s the youngest of the 3 spiders and definitely the brains of the operation


In the middle and the only girl, Gracey is an artist and a builder of magnificient webs.


The oldest of the 3 spiders, Curt is daring and loves adventure.


  • Mom
  • career woman (she’s a spy!)
  • genius
  • excellent maker of fruit fly porridge

In book one you’ll meet...


The spirder kids make many friends on their adventures, and the first one is Alvin, a Garter Snake. Alvin and the spiders will have many adventures together!


Alvin’s mom is a scientist and mom to 72 little snakes (Alvin is the oldest). She and Martha are friends and nothing their kids do gets by them!


The Villain

Every story needs a villain. Meet Cuddles. He is just doing what cats normally do, but he is the arch enemy of most of the creatures in the garden.

Meet the team

Erin Linn McMullan (Fresh Horses)

Our Editor

Editor, Erin Linn McMullan has a keen sense of story as a story editor for IMAX Humpback Whales 3D, Cold Paradise (OMNI TV) and over 30 books, includuing the award-winning One Mush: Jamaica’s Dogsled Team by John Frith. WIth an MFA in Creative Writing from UBC, McMullan has written for film, TV, stage, radio/audio, print and online.

Her true adventure tale, “Wolf and the Bear” in Truth Perceived: Perspectives in Canadian Nonfiction (Nelson Education) has been read by students across Canada over a decade. She lives in Tofino, BC with her dog Okami.

Rebecca McKerchar

Our Illustrator

Rebecca McKerchar is a digital illustrator based in Kamloops, BC. She received her BFA from Thompson Rivers University, where her studies focused primarily on painting, sculpture, and printmaking.

Rebecca has pursued digital art for over ten years now, but considers herself something of a jack-of-all-trades, having dabbled in sewing, textiles, and woodworking alongside her other artistic pursuits.

Rebecca’s digital art style seeks to combine stark line-art with the painting techniques she developed during university to create vibrant scenes and characters.

Kristina Benson (Dansk Design Group)

Our Book and Cover Designer

As an experienced graphic designer, Kirstina’s clients come to her because she has an eye for aesthetics, a finesse for typography, an artistry to visually communicate, and naturally, an abundance of creativity. As a result, she helps her clients stand out from the crowd!

“There is something truly gratifying and exciting about taking an idea that starts as a thought and turning it into something tangible, whether print or web. A piece that visually communicates a client’s message – that is great design!”

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