The Spyders Series

Introducing the Spyders!

The Spyders is a new chapter book series featuring three young spiders and their adventures. Taking after their parents, Harold and Martha, who are both spies, Curt, Gracey, and Thaddeus are drawn to danger and misadventure. They are frequently called upon to use their spider skills and the spying skills they learned from their parents to get out of sticky situations and make it home before dinner.

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About the author

A lover of all things creative, Vesta Giles is a writer, filmmaker, and part-time branch head of a small library based in Kamloops, BC, Canada. Although she has been writing magazine articles, screenplays, and contributing to books for nearly 30 years, she is releasing her first book, The Spyders: Slither Me Timbers, in the spring of 2021. In her non-writing life Vesta has previously been a leader of the Parent Child Mother Goose program and has lead many children’s programs for newborns through teens in her job as a library branch head.